Open Source Social Network – Goodbye Facebook!! (For me anyway!)

One of the biggest complaints that I’ve had with social networks is their willingness to sell out their users. Myspace was bad enough, but when Facebook came on the scene, Mark Zuckerberg had no qualms about violating peoples private lives. Since I first read an interview about the young billionaire, I realized that there was no morality whatsoever, and quite frankly I find everything about him repulsive and offensive.

For months I have been on the hunt for a replacement, and in particular I love the concepts of open source, and had been hoping there was an open source project out there. I found none.

Some time later, Google+ was released and I joined up for the single fact that it wasnt Facebook. But in all honesty, google is just as bad if not worse than that. It wasn’t good enough for me.

Last night, I was catching up on my news feeds and I noticed an article titled simply “RIP Ilya”. Of course my curiosity kicked in high gear. I always am curious about people I am unfamiliar with. If there’s a news feed about someone, they must have done something worth mentioning. I clicked through some links and was brought to diaspora*. It is exactly what I had given up hope on ever finding… a social network that was not interested in selling out. Open Source is a great thing to come out of computing. It gives back the users the rights that corporations have spent years trying to take away. Probably my favorite thing about this project is that you can download the code, and use it to host *your own* socical network!! For free! The only “catch” is that you cant sell it as your own. It is protected as a free work. I understand that just because I’m excited, people won’t leave Facebook in droves… as much as they need to… 😉 But its still nice to know that there are still alternatives.

To make a long story short, you can find me at:

If you would like to be invited, you may join here.


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